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    We work with professional developers to bring the best out of them. Your business can be known on the internet through your very own website with modern design and responsive layout. We develop and design websites using 3 famous languages that are HTML, CSS, and PHP. HTML is the present trend and helps the websites to be supportive in most of the browsers. HTML also defines the structure of the webpage while CSS is used to separate the content and presentation of the website.
  • PHP enables the HTML and CSS based front-end of the websites to be operative by making it dynamic and interactive. It helps by providing rapid web application development as it has several frameworks that give developers a basic structure to be used with the support of HTML tags. We have highly qualified and experienced developers who design, create and maintain customised websites for our clients. If you do not like to proceed with the standard built-in themes or plug-ins, experts at Teqholic can code and modify it for you so that you get what you desire. Our team is equipped with the field expert developers who builds interactive websites, exactly like you picture them.
TeqHolic WordPress Website Development
TeqHolic SEO & Ecommerce
  • When people make use of different keywords to search what they want, they easily find the webpages that are optimised according to the proper guidelines of Google and different algorithms. The website creation is just the first step and bringing traffic on website is next, though it is not that easy. To show your website on first page of google, SEO is needed. We do all types of SEOs including Local SEO, International SEO, Mobile SEO and E-Commerce SEO ensuring that your business hits the correct audience with healthy traffic.
  • With the WhatsApp feature, anyone can contact us freely and discuss their business with us just like "Two friends exchanging ideas". We have experience in all types of web development to help our clients get more sales and leads.
  • In TEQHOLIC community, you will find every type of solution for your business. Whether you are running a small business or providing services on a large scale, by visiting our website, you will get exactly what you are looking for to improve your business. We have a workforce of professional e-commerce developers who will assist you to solve your problems and get your business going. Our priority will be to present your store/business to the world effectively from showcasing your products with proper product descriptions, inventory control to cart settings, and so on.

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